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In today’s world, search engine optimization (SEO) is a cornerstone of a successful business, regardless of what you do and the products you sell. The content you put out must be formatted in a way the search engines understand and your rankings must be on the first page and as high as possible.

The many advantages of SEO

When North Shore SEO was a viable strategy to capture new customers and thus a key building block for a business’ success, it was largely a factor of how high the businesses website sat in the search engine results. Naturally, at the time, to get the top spots Saturn Dragon was formed. However, SEO has become more involved over time. The digital (that SEO is a component of) is just as impactful as improving the other areas of your strategy as a business owner (or someone who is a key part of the team in a group venture).

One effective method to gain brand awareness is by improving exposure on the internet. The bottom line is that increasing how much you get your content out there, increases the number of eyes looking at and recognizing your brand and the products that you have to offer them.

Solid Conversion rates

As far as having your content search engine optimized, it does not have to include any cash outlay. There are many instances in which it will cost you a tiny sum or nothing at all. On top of that, if you perform it yourself you will likely get more conversions than if you went through other means. To be clear, you are not investing money in order to get on the front page. You are putting in your own time and resources but you are not putting out money for the results you are getting. It is counter-intuitively of greater benefit to the people who are searching for terms related to your business than it may appear at first glance.

Benefits of SEO over Pay-per-click (PPC)

There are businesses out there for which pay-per-click is a viable option. However, it is not the stand alone choice for capturing new customers online. It is not necessarily true that is must be an expense in order to get great results. This is a due to organic results having a more intrinsic value and connecting more with your audience in a natural way.

An issue with PPC is that your ROI must be calculated and is unable to be determined ahead of time. As well as, once you stop paying it stops. That means that unlike search engine optimization in which you benefit from it over a long period of time.

Targeting Mobile Users

Due to recent changes in the way people access the internet, namely that mobile searches have overtaken desktop they must be kept in minds such as iPhone, iPad, and mobile devices. It is important that you always have these people in mind when creating your online content. Many people work exclusively on mobile. Therefore, it is imperative that you have your entire online content mobile friendly otherwise you are missing out on half of your potential customers.

If you have done your SEO strategy correctly then you likely have already implemented these measures. You will no longer need to have two websites for both as virtually all new websites come mobile ready. It may be worthwhile taking some time to think how people will differently access your content via mobile versus a desktop.

Keep an eye on your Competitors

It must be a key part of your strategy to realize that people will search for your content online, and see a clear match between your company and their needs; they will take action fairly quickly relative to how your content impacts them. You should bear in mind as well that your competition is always on your heels and pushing the boundaries, thus you are slipping further behind and losing revenue by not being on top of your SEO game. Except for very sparse situations, all business owners have competition. It remains true regardless of whether a person acknowledges this fact or not (it is shocking how many business owners have convinced themselves they don’t have competition).

Sadly, what most business owners do is similar. The way to create a genuine edge is by connecting with customers in a unique and memorable way.

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You can Save Money

As previously discussed, you can save a great deal of money by looking at North Shore SEO in this way. If you went after more traditional methods you would likely have spent money on it. Needless to say, there are few things in life that are absolutely free. It will be a requirement to spend time and effort. It can be motivating to know that you are exerting this effort on your own business. It is possible to reach a lot of people with a very small monetary investment.

Your efforts online will yield results

It is true that anyone accessing the internet does so from a device. SEO is right in line with this. In today’s culture, people don’t have a lot of time or the patience. People want information quickly and easily in order to solve their problem. Therefore having your solutions in a place where they are looking for it via SEO practices your will be in prime position to capture their business.


SEO is not likely going away in the foreseeable future. The bottom line is that you have the responsibility to yourself to optimize your content for the search engines such that those people who are in need can find what they can solve their problems. The numbers of people searching the internet for their requirements is increasing and virtually everyone will access the internet in the foreseeable future. In conclusion, you want to be the one who they see first.



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