Saturn Dragon Media was founded on the need to provide businesses with increased amounts of traffic. It became apparent that the current available options to businesses are good, however there is room for improvement through the use of search engines. In this way there is a lot more visitors that are available to those seeking to really grow their revenues. Being an expert at SEO and benefiting from its results for sometime, I became a desire of mine to offer my services to others. In this way Saturn Dragon Media was created. Myself, Robbie Vaughan, Owner Principle and founder enjoy bringing about positive changes to the world. In so doing, I have developed skills to develop revenue streams to get additional people who would not have access to a company’s services the ability to get in touch with them.

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In this way a businesses revenue can multiply many times over due to the increased customer base, also the fact that they no longer need to engage in other forms of marketing such as cold calling, billboards, cold email, flyer outreach and so on, it frees up more time for them to further increase the quality of their product which is a win win for them and the customer. This causes the product to be worth more to the consumer so they can begin to charge higher pricing. All in all being established as the top spot of Google is an advantage of all advantages. You are able to out compete other businesses with relative ease as well as enjoying the fruits of your labour in a big boost in your bottomline. There are disadvantages to all forms of advertising that are not search engine optimisation and it trumps them all. As a specialist SEO myself, with 100s of rankings across the world, all of my work conforms to industry standards and best practices, in keeping with me being Google certified. In this way the work I do is long term and safe. Other agencies often use marginal methods, or methods that just don’t work altogether, this is due to Google making many changes, and their in ability to keep pace.

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