How Much Traffic is Out There

How many people are searching Google on a daily or weekly basis. What amount of searches are going down on the search engines. The answer to this can be found by looking at the statistics put out by the big players online. The general consensus is that there are more searches happening on the internet than there are visiting stores. However, this is not one hundred percent accurate. In fact the most recent holiday period saw the amount of sales made online exceeded the amount made in retail stores. This is very interesting news. For the first time in history the physical store has been overtaken.

These trend appears to be rising and would make sense as most humans are lazy by nature and are hardwired to only do what is necessary in order to remain alive. Therefore purchasing online where there are ample reviews and transparency has let it become trusted for consumers to make purchases. As a result, sales have increased. Is this a good or bad thing. What are the implications of such a change of behaviour. It is certain that the less amount of resources spent on cars and therefore the amount of impact it has on the environment is preferred.

It seems to be that with this change will lead to better outcomes. On top of that there is less frustration experienced by shoppers as they will not need to visit physical stores, where there are often large queues. This will lead to better experiences for families during the holiday season because they don’t have to put up with the long wait times are delays associated with visiting a location in ordered to get their desired gifts. To put it in other words this seems like a win win for the consumer as well as for people at large, so where does this leave retailers.

Out in the cold to put it bluntly, however, the slowness with which people change will cause early adopters to have a significant advantage over others that do not switch over to a blend between online and a physical store as well.